Attic Ladders

If you have converted your attic into a liveable space, the attic/loft ladder will provide you access to this new living space. These ladders can also be used to access the attic on a temporary basis for servicing whatever is in the attic or for storage. This saves time from looking for a portable ladder to access conventional trap doors.

  • They are made of wood or metal scissors, which enables the metallic ladder to fold.
  • When not in use, the ladder can easily be folded and secured on the ceiling freeing the space below the attic room.
  • The design and materials used guarantee easy, comfortable and safe access tot the attic/loft.
  • It is easy to fix, making it possible for two people to install and make easy ladder height adjustments.

LST- Metal scissors type ladder
LWK – Wooden folding section

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I am interested in your Attic Ladders. Could you please send me a brochure.

Thanks in advance.

Hi James,

Kindly send us your email address and we will send you a brochure.

Thank you.

Interested in Attic ladder

Hi Bismark,

Kindly call our office on 0721 123123 for information on the same.

Thank you.

please give me prize for both metal and wooden ones

Hi Umesh,

Kindly send us your email address, we will send you the varrious prices for the different sizes.

Thank you.

I’m interested in the metallic one, what’s the price?

Can I get a brochure and pricing for your attic ladders?

i have an underground bunker in my house. Its on the ground floor and on the floor. No door into it and would like to keep it that way perhaps conceal it with a carpet or Mat. What solutions do you have for me like say an automatic door that opens downwards.
Simon 0721557109

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