Natural Stones

Classic Mouldings is on a constant search for unique natural stones from the finest quarries and the most unique processing plants worldwide. Various innovative processes transform the rocks into fascinating wide selections of Aged/Antique irresistible stones for flooring and wall cladding for both Interior and Exterior. This unique new line of our natural stone selections offer modern and irresistible quality finishes to your bathrooms, kitchen and living room.

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Architect Noel J. O. Okello Reply

I am a registered architect with a practice in Nairobi. I have seen your products and would like to recommend them for a current project (and also as reference for future projects). Could you please send me via email a current pdf catalogue with your prices per metre squared for natural stone cladding for walls and floors so that I can discuss it with my client? Let me know if that is possible. Thanks.

Can u please email me your natural stone price list?
Thank you


Please email me the natural stone price list. interested in 30by 30 or 40 by 40.


Dear Leah,

Thanks for your inquiry,

We email you the prices of the natural stones as requested.

Thank you.

please email me your price list for natural stone for Kitchen wall cladding




Kindly send me the natural stones catalogue and also for wall panels/3d wall panels.


Hi.Kindly email me the price list of your natural stone and any other catalogue about your products. thanks

Please email me price list if your natural stone tiles

Am interested in your natural stone prices especially for the tabs.

great works pls share price as well

Please email your external stone cladding price list and catalogue, thank you.

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