Roof Underlay

Eurotop N35 is the modern way to under lay your roof, weather you are using clay or concrete tiles or the various types of metal based roofing material. Eurotop is the only type of underlay used in Europe and USA. Fakro Eurotop N35 is the best selling roofing underlay in the world and is revolutionizing the East African Market replacing has replaced both polythene and iron sheet underlay. Euroton N35 has a lifespan of 50+ years and offers a perfect water seal and high water resistance below roofing material preventing water leakage. Eurotop N35 is a breathable membrane keeps any condensation or humidity from building up in the attic this also allows for ventilation in the attic space. Installation of Eurotop N35 is takes a fifth of the time of conventional underlays in the East African Market and suites any type of roofing material. In addition to this Eurotop N35 can be left exposed for up to 3 months without being covered allowing you to begin finishing the building interiors before installation of windows and doors. Finally, the large size of rolls allows for minimal wastage due overlap and is more cost effective that other materials commonly used in the East African Market.

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it is impressive. looking forwards to a closer working relationship with you.

As a department offering interior design we look forward to a closer working relationship.

Dear Francis,

We look forward too working with you University in the Interior design field.

Thank you.

i was going through your website and i found eurotop N35 how much is one roll and its coverage/SM

Hi Elijah,

The Eurotop N35 covers 75 sq.m (50 x 1.5m) and it goes for only Kes 22,000. This price might change with time.

Thank you.

hi I Have a passion with style ,colors,and decoration and working with my hands am looking forward to learn and work with you.diploma in sales marketing management thanking you

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