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Nowadays, interior design favours the trend of open space and combining several functions on large usable area

Diversified roof structures make rooms in the attic feature huge arrangement potential.
Benefits arising in connection with this fact can be achieved exclusively through an individual approach to each project.

However, the most important element of this puzzle is light. In addition to visual aspect, it has a tremendous impact on the mood in the building.

Separating the space for mini office comes down to placing a chair and a small desk in the living room. By organizing this space remember about the appropriate illumination, which is extremely important when working.

FAKRO range also includes products that will provide the right amount of natural light to the living room under the flat roof.

Living room, traditionally associated only with rest, today is designed mostly as a relaxation zone. Arranging such interior usually starts with the geometric separation of functional zones, which in the attic due to recesses and natural sloping ofthe roof requires an individual approach to each project.

One should be in mind that bright, neutral colours and ample natural light will optically enlarge the space under the roof, while dark accents will be an additional advantage giving each interior a remarkable character.

With the appropriate creation of space you can design functional, multi-purpose and comfortable living room to suit individual needs of even the most demanding residents.

living room attics, fakro, roof windows, fakro roof windows, loft, attic

Small operational area of the studio requires proper interior design under the roof. A small table situated in the transition to the living room will be an ideal solution for connecting comfort zone with dining room.

When separating functional zones in the attic look carefully at its shape. For this purpose,
use recesses, natural sloping of the roof and presence of structural beams.

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