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Textured wall finishes, not only makes your house look lovelier but also has the power to heal the spirit and sooth your soul

textured wall finishes, decorative paints, walls, classic mouldings, textured paints, paints, photography, ironic

Textured paints have been in existence since the pre-historic period. Evidence shows that mankind has decorated his living space as far back as 40,000 years ago using what could be called paint to enhance their surroundings.

Today the Italian art has influenced the development of these textured paints by using different techniques to bring out the touch and feel. Unlike normal paints, textured paints which could last beyond 15 years, they could be used in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms which are prone to moist causing the wall to peel.

The walls have gained a greater role in the decoration of the rooms, and increasingly tend to improve the appearance of the home and the walls. Textured paints are perfect for lining and customizing different rooms.

calcecruda, classic mouldings, textured paints,

These paints come in myriad patters and finishes, from ethereal linen that appeal to your aesthetic senses to make your room bright and beautiful. You can also lend the perfect metallic or wood finish to your homes, the choices are plenty.

calcecruda, classic mouldings, textured paints,

So enjoy the choices you have this New Year and make the most of your home with textured paints that can enhance the mood of your interiors and add life to your exterior.

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