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You may have been looking for Fixed Roof Windows by virtue of having a high ceiling and thus the need to have light in your interior space, well now there are a phone call away.

FNP fixed roof windows provide that ultimate solution for those whose roof is a distance away and hence they can not be able to access their windows or have adequate light in their living space. They provide as much light as normal openable windows giving the same efficiency.

Fixed Roof Windows Casestudy: A Studio for a Danish Artist by Svendborg Architects

In the year 2010 Copenhagen firm Svendborg Architects built this artist’s studio inside an existing stable building in Denmark.
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The studio comprises the existing structural walls that have been preserved, and an anodised aluminium structure inside with a roof extending up above the previous roofline.

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One side of the gabled interior has been finished entirely in mirrors to reflect views into the studio from skylights in the opposite side of the pitched roof.

The project is both contextual and innovative.

In its shape and colour blends in with the existing farmhouses.

At the same time the studio offers new spatial feeling and qualities due to its small innovative solutions.

As the client says: “walking into this space made him feel more free and think better”

FNP Fixed Roof Windows are now available right here in Kenya. Call: 0721 1231230792 788705 or Email: fakrokenya@classic-mouldings.com

Credits: Dezeen Magazine

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