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Get Inspired with our Sublime Interior Wall Finishes

Be Cool and Calm with Travertino

The new look elegant, translucent of extraordinary beauty make travertino ideal for environments of high prestige. The system decorative new concept effect travertine discovers and enhances the aristocratic effect of the famous marble Italian with one style very innovative concept, superb and original.


Be Creative with Nahir Taormina Effect

nahir taormina, nahir, classic mouldings

Your creative touch cant get better than this. With Nahir Taormina effect you have endless ways of bringing that creative touch to life


Be Fiery with Ironic

Ironic is a versatile decorative paint finish that can be used to come up with different effects on the walls. It is the most innovative element, ideal for the decoration of modern and visually stunning interior surfaces


Be Inviting with Nobilis

Nobilis, Spiver collection, spiver, classic mouldings, decorative paints, decorative wall finishes

The first adjectives suitable for a Gold decorative effect with extraordinary beauty.

Give your living room that Novelty with an effect of Pure Platinum or “Damascato” effect,  of Pure Gold or a stripped effect of Pure Silver! An unlimited number of effects and a wide colour range.


Be Luxurious with Zephyro Pearl

zephyro, zephyro pearl, decorative wall finishes, classic mouldings, classic mouldings, decorative paints, spiver

Like a strong wind of precious sand, Zephyro is a decorative paint based on selected ceramic grains, wrapped in a precious gold or silver mixture, creating a unique sandy metal effect. Zephyro brings back the classic style.


Be Sombre with Calcecruda

calcecruda, classic mouldings, interior decorative finishes, wall finishes, classic mouldings kenya

CalceCruda is a microporous decorative coating, of mineral nature, with a strong natural connotation that actively contributes to living comfort. CalceCruda is formulated on the specific properties of lime hydrate, purified clay, selected marbles and natural sands, which when appropriately balanced, allow excellent workability and moldability.

Visit the CM Gallery at Westcom Point Building, ( opp. Safaricom ) Off. Waiyaki Way or the Classic Mouldings showroom, at Kellico Complex on the Mombasa Road. Tel: 0721 123 123` / 0707 123 123. email:

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