Residential House in Kisumu City

There are several projects we have carried out for clients far from Nairobi. With this project, a proposed residential house in Kisumu, our expertise and perfection in gypsum partitioning and gypsum ceilings was required to create a palace fit for a royal family.

With the site located 40 kilometers outside the Lake side City of Kisumu, Our team did the necessary design and logistical preparations required and got the project done in record time, much to the satisfaction of our client. We actualized the smoothest of gypsum works over large surface areas; something that all our clients always appreciate from us.

The main attraction is the atrium that involved over 400 square meters of gypsum works and our versatile cornices for indirect lighting. The dome lets in abundant natural light during the day and at night the indirect lighting cornices spring into action maintaining the actualization of the architects design


Hi, in the Kisumu project did you do the gypsum work or you did the whole project including furnishings

Hello Edwin and thank you for your inquiry. In this particular project, our expertise in gypsum works was entrusted with over 400 sq meters of ceilings and atrium. we also applied our incredible decorative paints on the interior walls.

I have a few questions:
1) How do you arrive at your pricing? (Does it depend on the type of design , type of materials used, area/size?)
2) Do you have designs to choose from or you customize for a client?

Kindly clarify.

Hello Peter. Thank you for your inquiry.
1) Each project has its own uniqueness and therefore our pricing considers the materials used, area/size and the labour put into actualizing the design.
2) We do not have design catalogues because we believe each interior should be a reflection of the individual who will occupy the space. We therefore create customized/bespoke designs for each subsequent project according to the unique taste of the client

If in need of more clarification or to invite us to your project, kindly get back to us on

Hi I want to put a put a residential house do you build homes or you specialize with interior design.Do you have an architect who I can sit with and give him my Ideal house?

Contact Anne Njoroge please at 722883449 0r 722510411.

Please call 722883449 0r 722510411


Are you experienced in using alternative building technology??

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